We are STGRUP Company from Istanbul. STGRUP, that was founded in 2007, succeeded in goals with the several trademarks that carried out works of boutique promotion and promotion displays in medium and large scale. We believe that promotional products and best quality packing boxes are very important for the companies for advertising and product sales. And so, we aim to suggest the best promotion alternatives and box products to Your esteemd Company. 

We produce promotion displays , custom printed promotional products , cardboard boxes, wooden boxes and tin boxes with high technologie with the following:

Poster Stands, Dynamic Stands, Poster Frames, Poster Holders, Multi Displays, Sidewalk Signs, Barriers, Info boards, Lightboxes and illuminated Displays, Led Light Products, Brochure Stands, Notice Boards, Portable Displays, Display Kits, Counters, Shopfitting Displays, Showcases, Chalk Boards, Frameless Displays, Door Signs & Directories, Wiro Poster Stands, Plastic Products, Acrylic Products, promotion Spare Parts and Accessories

and many PRINTED PROMOTIONAL ITEMS as follows :
auto sunshades, Auto Pouch,slippers, Car Side Sunshades, Magnetic Darts, Refrigerator Magnets, Car Fresheners, Air Fresheners, Usb, Key Chains, Pens, Mirrors, Digital Frames, Wall and Desk Clocks, Desktop sets, Card Cases, towels, porcelain plates, porcelain cups, porcelain sets, glasses, cosmetics, soaps, bed linens, Notepads, Mouses, Card Readers, Thermos Mugs, Recycled, Lanterns, Paint Pen Set, Pencil Cases, Pencil Box, bags, Painting Set, Crystal Products, Calculators, Bag Straps, Key Finders, Manicure Set, Luggage Tags, Umbrellas, Caps, Hats, Pocket knifes, Marker, Gloves, Toys, Whistles, Goal, Cushion, PVC Vehicle Banners, Place Mats, Suitcase T ags, Yo-yo, Propellers, Fan, Raincoats, Mug, Drinkers, Mini Cabinets, Calendars, Penholders, Handles, Post-it, Leather Notes, Coasters, Scissors, Paper Clip, Hello Kitties, fancy boxes, Lighters, CD Holder, Flipboard, Wall Thermometers, Epoxy Labels, Epoxy Magnets, Epoxy Badges, Epoxy Printed Keychains, Domed Drop Labels, Deskpads, Bookmarks, Chess and Backgammon, bottle Opener, Bib, Slippers, T-Shirts, Dust Clothes, Carboy Cases, Work Clothes, Polar, Vest, Wet Wipes, Tissue Box, Dustbin and more...

You could send your request what you need about promotional items, displays and packing boxes. we would be very pleased to send you our suitable prices.

We hope to have your kind request on near future , please do not hesitate to contact with us for any question about our products.