ST Dijital

ST DİJİTAL was founded in Istanbul in 2011, it is a digital printing and laser plexi products producer that is worked on Visual Design, Printing Solutions and Promotion in our 1200 m2 closed workshop. We well know realities of the Digital World and Plexi products under the roof of ST DİJİTAL and work according to this realities. We present digital ideas and plexi products that is made difference, applications and projects to our customers by work with possibilities of latest technology and a global vision.
We take up seriously our customer demands at our work, We blend these demands with our minds and technology and we provide to interact with the target audience. We do not separate any projects that are realized as small or large.
In every project that we do, We keep the "benefit" issue on the foreground. We apply and edit latest innovations that will benefit for both the customers and the users at every stage of the project. We prefer to create creative and s trategic projects that are unique to the digital world. We provide you to have more profitable relationships with all your customers and suppliers through our creative solutions.

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